PSN Party Chat Not Working | Here’s How to Fix It

The weekend arrives, and you are finally pumped up for a gaming night with your mates. Suddenly the group chat blows up with “I have the microphone enabled, but even though I can see individuals chatting on the side of my screen, I can’t hear them. Additionally, it won’t allow me to speak. Is this a bug?” and you all know the whatever has happened will surely annoy you and make you question your own life decisions. We know it sounds extreme, but what is worse is the psn party chat not working.

PlayStation has become a vital part of our culture; ever since its emergence, it has been well enjoyed by all its customers, and as gamers say, it gives the kick. But sometimes it disappoints as well; from time to time, along with its nerve-kicking games, it also provides a tinge of annoyance with the malfunction of its various features, one of them being psn party chat not working.

psn party chat not working

Don’t be disappointed; to every problem, there is a solution, and so does this one. This article is for you if you like playing PlayStation (PS4, PS5) games and have problems with the party chat function. It offers instructions on how to resolve the PlayStation party chat issue.

PSN Party Chat Not Working | Here’s Your Guide To Fix It

All of us like playing online games. Party chat on PS4 and PS5 is beneficial and enjoyable for staying in touch. On PS4 and PS5 consoles, however, many users have recently complained that they see the PlayStation Party Chat network issue. Communication with other players is essential if you enjoy playing online games on your Playstation to give yourself every edge over your rivals.

The built-in chat tool on Playstation is used by most players while playing with their friends, despite most games providing lobbies for teams to talk. Regardless of the game you are playing, you may speak with everyone in your group using the voice and text chat features of Playstation Network’s party function. This option is wonderful if you play single-player games and want to catch up with your buddies,

According to what we know, this issue typically occurs when you connect to a sluggish or unreliable connection or when the servers are unavailable for maintenance. Other problems like damaged data and out-of-date software in the PlayStation might bring on this issue. To assist you, we have created a tutorial on what to do if the party chat functionality on your Playstation is not functioning.

PSN Party Chat Not Working | All Possible Fixes

Gamers may find the “PlayStation party chat not functioning” problem infuriating, but there are ways to resolve it. Server outages, poor internet connections, and out-of-date software are typical reasons for this issue. You may fix the problem and resume playing and talking with your friends by verifying the server status, resetting your router, upgrading your PlayStation, and other troubleshooting procedures. Let’s get into all the possible fixes you use to get over this issue in detail and step by step. 

Check the PSN server

The first thing you should do is to check the PSN server, yes! It is important. The math is simple here, Playstation Network requires maintenance just as any other platform does to keep things running smoothly. Sony’s staff is likely performing system maintenance if PSN’s party chat isn’t functioning on your PlayStation. The best course of action we can recommend is if PSN’s servers are down, waiting for their team to fix the issue. If there are no problems with PlayStation services, you can attempt the remaining fixes listed below.

PlayStation Network

Visit the PlayStation-specific status page and check if their servers are down to confirm this.

Check your HeadSets

It is fair to presume that if you use PSN’s party chat, your audio input and the output device are some kind of headset. Ensure your device is properly plugged in on your Playstation if you cannot hear anyone from the chat or your friends cannot listen.

Additionally, check sure your headphones’ output setting is adjusted correctly and that your volume is cranked up. Follow the steps below:

  •  Simply choose “All Audio” under Settings 
  •  Devices 
  •  Audio Devices 
  • Output Headphones to do this.


Once you are done following these steps, go to the active PSN chat and see whether the issue got fixed.

Restarting Your Playstation

The most classic method for any technical issue is to restart the software. We advise rebooting your PlayStation before making any modifications to ensure all its resources are correctly loaded. Your console should restart to fix any transient issues that could have appeared while you were using it. To restart the PS4, adhere to the procedures listed below:

  • Find the PS button on your controller first.
  • Next, hold down the PS button for a little moment until the Quick Menu displays.
  • Finally, click Restart PS4 to restart your computer.
PS4 restarting

Here is what PS5 users need to do:

  • Holding the PS button down allows you to access the Quick Menu on your PS5.
  • Select Restart PS5 now.
  • Finally, hit the O or X button on your controller. to continue

PS5 Restarting

  • Use party chat after restarting your Playstation to see if the issue has been resolved.

Log In and Out of your PS account.

If party chat on your Playstation isn’t working, you may try resetting your user info. Random faults and malfunctions on the platform may have damaged the data in your PSN account.

You may sign out of your Playstation 4 account by performing the following:

  • First, open the Account Management option on your device’s Settings page.

Check the PSN party chat

  • Now, using your controller, choose the Sign Out button.
  • Finally, to continue, press the O or X button.

Check out the instructions below to sign out of your PSN account if you are using a PlayStation 5:

  • Go to Settings on your smartphone and select User Accounts.
  • Next, select the Other tab.
  • Finally, to end your experience, choose Sign Out.

Log out of Playstation

Once finished, hold off login back into your Playstation Network account for at least five minutes. Use the party chat tool again to see if the issue has been resolved.

Check for Updates

You may also upgrade your PlayStation operating system if party chat isn’t functioning. To fix bugs on the Playstation, Sony frequently issues updates for their systems.

Users of PS4 can upgrade their systems by following the instructions below:

  • Go to Settings on your PS4 and choose System Software Update.
  • Select the Update Now option at this time.
  • If there is an update available, click Accept to install it.
Updating Playstation

The following instructions explain how to update the firmware on a PS5:

  • First, go to your device’s Settings page.
  • Then go to the System tab, select System Software, Settings, and Update System Software.
  • Finally, choose Update Using the Internet and let the procedure run.

Updating Playstation 5

Check your Internet

Party talks on the Playstation might potentially be affected by a sluggish or inconsistent network connection. PSN’s party chat requires a strong internet connection, like any other messaging software, to work correctly. If the test results indicate that your network connection is unreliable, restart or power cycle your router to reestablish contact with your internet service provider. Run another test on your network to see whether the issue has been resolved after the restart. Report the problem to your ISP and let them troubleshoot your connection is still unacceptably sluggish.

Contact Playstation

I,f nothing works out for you after trying all the methods mentioned above, the last step we suggest you take is to Visit PlayStation’s official website and contact their staff there to report the party chat problem you’ve been having. To assist their staff in making a quicker assessment of the matter, provide your account information and the model of your PlayStation.

PlayStation Support

Frequently Asked Questions | PSN Party Chat Not Working

Why is my PSN chat not working?

It’s pretty annoying and nerve-wracking that PSN chat doesn’t function properly. Sometimes, this issue occurs when you connect to a laggy or unreliable connection or when the servers are unavailable for maintenance. On the PlayStation, other problems,s including damaged data and out-of-date software, may also be to blame.

What should I do when my PSN chat is not working?

Please check the PlayStation’s official page first and then your internet connection to ensure it is an internal or external issue; please refer to the report above to find out more ways to deal with this issue. 


This concludes our article on what to do if party chat on your Playstation is not functioning. Please feel free to leave questions or any comments in the space below. We’ll try our best to respond to them and appreciate your help in letting us know if you found any relevant information.

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