Service Error 10500 Fliff | Here’s How to Solve!

Gambling and betting have been illegal for quite a long time now. But today’s modern apps have made it all legal and even more exciting. Fliff is an example of one such app that allows you to bet legally and predict the results of games to win high prizes. Although, if you think that you would win real money from it, you are wrong. Fliff does not offer or charge any real money to win or lose in the game respectively.

Service Error 10500 Fliff

Players on the Fliff app have recently been facing several unexpected issues they cannot resolve. Hence in this blog, we have come up with the reasons for the service error 10500 Fliff app has and the possible solutions you can try to resolve it.

Service Error 10500 Fliff | All Possible Reasons and Solutions

Fliff is an online betting app that allows players from all over the world to compete over a particular game by predicting the results of different aspects of the game before the match. If your predictions go right, you win money which you can use to bet again further in other games. But the twist here is that all this money is not for real.

Service Error 10500 Fliff

Players often get confused about Fliff cash being real money. But this is not the case. Recently, the Fliff app has been facing a frequent issue that displays “Service Error 10500” whenever you try to redeem your cash out of the app. Here are some possible reasons why this problem is occurring so frequently and what you can do about it.

Server Error

The “service error 10500” problem might be popping up on your Fliff app constantly due to some server-side issue of the app. This usually happens when there is a high number of users using the app together worldwide. Another reason for the server error can be that the app might be under maintenance or undergoing certain updates.

service error 10500

To state the solution, there is nothing you can do about this problem in particular. It will get fixed automatically within a few hours or days.

Incomplete Profile Section

Many users have experienced the “Service error 10500” error previously, which has now been resolved for them. The reason for the error was their incomplete profile section. The Fliff app does not let you perform certain major operations, such as redeeming cash from the app without completing your profile section.

So, if you have not filled in all the necessary details in your profile sections, this might be a reason for the “service error 10500” constantly showing the app on the screen. Thus, you must complete your profile section immediately.

App Keeps Crashing

While the above two reasons will be the most probable ones for the “service error 10500” issue constantly popping up on the Fliff app, there might be a chance that the app would be facing constant internal crashing issues. By crashing, we mean that your mobile phone might not be able to cope with the resources required by the app.

Fliff App Keeps Crashing

This can be if you are using a low-end mobile device. It could not make the Fliff app responsive enough to function properly. However, this is the rarest reason for the “service error 10500” problem.

Solutions to Fix the Problem | Service Error 10500 Fliff

The “service error 10500” problem is a recent problem that users have been facing in the Fliff app. For this reason, there aren’t many known solutions for the problem, and neither have the Fliff developers talked about the situation in particular. However, we have come up with some solutions that might work to fix the issue on the app.

You can try these solutions to get rid of the issue. However, there is no guarantee that these solutions will definitely solve the problem.

Fix 1: Clear Cache

One of the easiest solutions that might fix the issue on the Fliff app is to uninstall and reinstall it simply. This solution might work because there might be some cache memory filled in the app, which would cause the same error to pop up constantly. You can also clear the app’s cache if you don’t want to uninstall it, but reinstalling it would be a better option.

Follow the steps below to clear the cache memory of the Fliff app if you don’t want to uninstall it.

  • Open the “Settings” panel on your smartphone

Open the "Settings" panel on your smartphone

  • Go to the “Apps” section, where all the apps are listed
  • Now look for the “Fliff” app and click on it
  • On the next screen, click on the “storage” option
  • Now choose the “Clear Cache” option

Clear Cache

This will clear the cache memory of the app. Reopen the app, and the problem might get solved. If not, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again.

Fix 2: Complete Profile Information

As mentioned earlier, the “service error 10500” problem often occurs if you have not completed your profile information on the Fliff app. So, fill up all the details asked to probably resolve the issue. If the problem occurs even after updating the profile section, try closing the app and reopening it. Within 5-10 minutes, the issue should get wiped off.

Fix 3: Contact Support

If nothing works for you, the only option left is to contact the support team of the Fliff app directly. Write an email to them or contact them through the “Contact” section within the app.

For ease, you can write them directly at The Fliff support team usually replies within 24 hours. They will guide you on what to do to resolve the issue successfully.

FAQs | Service Error 10500 Fliff

Does the Fliff App pay you real money?

Yes, a virtual currency is inside the Fliff app called the Fliff cash. Players can redeem real money in exchange for this currency.

How to get free Fliff cash?

There is no backdoor to get free Fliff cash. The only possible way is to wait for some special events when the app launches promo codes to get Fliff cash for free.

What is the legal age to use the Fliff app?

Since the Fliff app offers to bet on games services, it is legally available for individuals above the age of 18. Officially this is the age to use the Fliff app.


So these were all the possible reasons why the “service error 10500” constantly pops up on the Fliff app. Although the company has provided no official solution to the issue, the problem is not a permanent one. The service error issue appears to random users for unknown reasons, and it often gets resolved on its own.

But if it doesn’t get resolved, you can try the provided solutions or directly contact the Fliff support team to get assistance from them.

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